Odd call at odd time dooms Dallas in loss at Washington

DENVER (AP) – The "instant infraction" that sentenced Dallas to a 20-17 loss in Washington culminated a wild Week 7 that began with Von Miller's promise to kick the Cardinals' loot. It also included a flop in Kansas City, a bet that failed in London, and Doug Pederson's proclamation that the pressure is off his fall in the Super Bowl champions.

Kicker Brett Maher lined up for a 47-yard field goal at the last minute. The flag was in the long snapper of Dallas, L.P. Ladoceur, who tipped the ball before the click.

"Exactly the same thing I've been doing for 14 years," said Ladoceur.

You are not alone. The long buttoners move the ball routinely as Ladoceur did just before they broke it, and a flag is almost never thrown.

Instead of getting 5 yards closer, the Cowboys had 5 yards, which mattered when Maher's 52 yards sounded left upright, leaving the Redskins (4-2) at the top of the NFC East instead of the Cowboys (3-4).

While fans across the country were wondering what on earth was a "quick offense," the NFL tweeted a video about the rule, but did not say if it was the right decision: "The illegal movement of the ball through the center In #DALvsWAS, the defense crosses the neutral zone and gets in touch with a lineman. "

Players and coaches in both locker rooms were perplexed by the unusual call from referee John Hussey's team at such a crucial moment.

"This was a terrible decision," said NBC analyst Tony Dungy. "An illegal take must be an abrupt move or something unusual – downtown Dallas does not do any of that, it's not abrupt or unusual."

NBC showed side-by-side views of the Ladoceur movement in the play They were whistled and repeated and looked identical. No flag was thrown in the second click.

"That is your normal movement," argued Dungy. "He did it on the snap before that, the next snap does exactly the same thing."


Another questionable call with huge implications was the decision of Titans coach Mike Vrabel to go for 2 – and then throw the ball from 1 after a flag for a defensive position on the first pass of Conversion, instead of going to the tie and playing in overtime in Tennessee's 20-19 loss to the Chargers in London.

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