Official Update on Don Bradman Cricket 16 Release Date

UPDATE (May 28, 2016) : BigAnt Studios has officially announced Don Bradman Cricket 17 and also released the demo on Steam.

Don Bradman Cricket 16 was already confirmed by Big Ant Studios last year, but so far they have not released any updates or important updates about the game. In addition to the unofficial announcement for DBC 16, they also released a new patch for Don Bradman Cricket 14 for Xbox 360 and PS3. However, during a conversation at Twitter with a fan, BigAnt Studios mentioned the expected release date for their upcoming cricket game Don Bradman Cricket 16. You can see the official BigAnt Studios tweet.

Then, since the "Last Quarter 4", it can be speculated that the game could arrive in November. December 2016. The BigAnt studios have also hinted at the main improvements in game AI. Although there is no specific date for the official announcement, we can expect it in the next 2 months, since from March to April there will be a great cricket event and it would be the perfect time to announce a cricket video game.

UPDATE (March 23, 2016): BigAnt Studios has confirmed that the next sequel would be Don Bradman Cricket 17 instead of Don Bradman Cricket 16. That could be due to the fact that the Game is scheduled to be released later this year. Here is the official BigAnt Studios tweet that confirms the name of the game and also the release date of Don Bradman Cricket 17.

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