Pakistan could call up Rizwan as substitute wicketkeeper for Sarfraz

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Rules introduced last year will allow Pakistan to consider the option of calling a substitute goalkeeper in the event that captain Sarfraz Ahmed can not put on gloves on the second day of the second test against Australia in Abu Dhabi

Sarfraz was hit on his left forearm by a short ball by Mitchell Starc when he was 90 years old, in 70th place in the Pakistan innings. After receiving some treatment, he hit for a couple of laps before leaving Marnus Labuschange for 94.

Then he kept the window for the seven shots that Australia batted, he did not look comfortable, but he was still taking an excellent shot on the side of the leg to dismiss Usman Khawaja.

When he appeared at the end of the day to talk to the media, he went with an ice pack attached to his left forearm.

"The arm does not move correctly," he said. "It's a bruise, but I think he'll have a swelling later." I think Mickey [Arthur] was talking to the referees about a reserve ranger tomorrow.That time, when I was hit, I felt pain, but I held on because I was getting close to my century

"I think if it had been more forceful, I would not have been able to hit correctly after that, but I hope that with the formation of ice, I will improve."

The MCCs, guardians of the Cricket Laws, presented a rule last year that confirms that the substitute outfielders will be able to maintain the ground in case the original wicketkeeper suffers an injury during the game. The referees have to approve the change, and it is understood that the match officials will allow another interlocutor in case Sarfraz can not leave.

That will be Mohammad Rizwan, who was part of the original 18-man Pakistani squad for this series of tests. Rizwan was released before the second test and was allowed to join the side & # 39; A & # 39; A & # 39; from Pakistan, also in the United Arab Emirates, to face the & # 39; A & # 39; A & # 39; from New Zealand. However, it is believed that this is not a problem to allow Rizwan to take over.

Under the ICC Test game conditions, clause 1.2.1 states that each captain may nominate up to six substitute gardeners on the team sheet handed to the match referee before the draw.

Whether or not Rizwan's name was on that team sheet, as it had been made known, is a point discussed by clause 1.2.2, which states: "Only those nominated as substitute gardeners will be entitled to acting as substitute outfielders during the game, unless the ICC Party Referee, in exceptional circumstances, allows for subsequent additions. "

Pakistan is fortunate to have Rizwan, who has played a Test, available first. The usual practice, under the Sarfraz captaincy, has been not to choose a reserve guard in their squadrons. But the lack of form and concern for Sarfraz's excessive workload meant that Rizwan was selected.

In the event that Sarfraz does not show up, Asad Shafiq will lead Pakistan in the field.

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