People will realise Cook

England will miss the tranquilizing influence that Alastair Cook has on the wardrobe scene, particularly on his upcoming tour of Sri Lanka, according to the assistant coach Paul Farbrace who spoke while Cook finished the third day undefeated at The Oval on the 46th.

Cook had left the house full of ovations at The Oval for his last international tickets and at the close he was a short distance away from doing a twin fifty years at the party – with the end of a century's fairy tale still on offer.

"It's been pretty quiet," Farbrace said. "I imagine that the reception he received tonight when he came out to bat, I think probably moved him, he moved everyone else in our dressing room, how fantastic was the support he had."

"I think he just showed everything he has up to now in this game, it's about waiting for the right ball in the right place, but he looked pretty organized and got stuck in. It's not easy, it's been pretty hard, but it seems that he is really enjoying the scrap, right?

"It seems that he manages with everything in front of him and I think that, no matter how much we miss his careers and his captures, I think the reassuring influence he has among others team, among the staff, among all, their quiet way of doing things, doing things, dealing with what comes from the media and television. You know he manages to do that or he seems to deal very well with that and I think it's something that everyone is missing when he's not in that wardrobe. "

Farbrace also gave an idea of ​​Cook's role in making newcomers feel welcome in the Camp of England and suggested that the appearance of his character would be immediately missed on the first tour without him on the team.

"When I joined the group in 2014 he was the captain of the team and made it so easy to be member. of the staff of the English cricket team, "said Farbrace." It is quite intimidating to enter without having played international cricket. "

" He's a very affectionate guy and he's someone you can talk to about anything, and I think the young players who have joined the team this year have discovered that It is exactly that.

"What he manages to do is make everyone feel welcome, part of the things … Young players, veteran players, it seems to have the respect of everyone and everyone v I'm comfortable talking to him, he has a very realistic way of Being, he has a very bold sense of humor and people are attracted to him and I think it's something, see Sri Lanka, that a lot of people will look around realizing he is not there and I think people will start to account of the impact he has had on them and on us as a team. "


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