Players should feel privileged to play under Pep – Gundogan

Ilkay Gundogan nicknamed Pep Guardiola "the best manager in the world" and said that his Manchester City teammates should feel privileged to play for Catalan.

Gundogan has had a strong start to the season and suggested Guardiola's ability to engage with players at his level is key to his success.

The 27-year-old believes that the coach's pedigree as a player at Barcelona, ​​where he made 472 appearances, influences how he is perceived by his squad.

"It's a mixture of the fact that he played at a very high level on the bigger stage with Barcelona and the fact that he's just a great manager and can change his point of view from a player's point of view to a manager's point of view, sometimes it's a little different, "Gundogan said.

"This mix makes him, for the moment, the best manager in the world in my opinion, and I think that many players would love to play for him too." He who plays for Man City should feel privileged.

able to teach everyone and take them to the next level. Even when he does not say anything, it's just his personality. When you see it, you want to do everything possible to make it happy.

"If you make him happy, you are often happy"

Gundogan revealed that he is almost ready to take off the protective mask he has been this season due to an operation on his nose.

"I use it as protection for my nose," he said. "I think it's obvious that I had nose surgery immediately after the World Cup.

" I had trouble breathing for the past year, so my nose was obviously broken before.

"At first I had problems a little bit. I'm getting used to it more and more, and my breathing is much better.

" Maybe I'm going to use it for a few more days just for protection and then maybe I can just leave it and just play like I did before "

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