Prescott doesn’t feel need to preach unity with Cowboys

FRISCO, Texas (AP) – Dak Prescott took a long time away from the cameras trying to explain why he thinks the Dallas offense is about to break the struggles most responsible for the Cowboys' defeat.

Field Marshal At one point, I sought help in his description of Cole Beasley, the receiver who spoke recently about the frustration his group feels in a sound that was perceived as a shot in Prescott.

In short, Prescott sees no drive problems with the Cowboys (2-3) trying for the third time to go back to .500 with a home game coming off a tough road trip. Jacksonville (3-2) visits on Sunday.

"That's why I give these guys a lot of credit because we talk, we communicate," Prescott said Thursday. "There is no difficulty or tension when I go to see them in the band, it's a great communication, they allow me to do that and we can be honest with each other."

The newcomer Allen Hurns has joined Beasley to try

The former Jaguars player also caused a stir by suggesting that a particularly poor game call resulted in Prescott's second interception against Houston at a loss of extra time of 19-16.

Hurns did not back down, but coach Jason Garrett and Prescott did not necessarily agree that the call was so terrible. Offensive coordinator Scott Linehan dismissed it as not being a problem.

"I do not put any value on that as a critic," Linehan said. "I'm the first if you had a better play against that coverage to say we could have a better call there, you do not have to put that on Allen Hurns, he's breaking his ass and we're really happy with what he's doing."

The Cowboys have the No. 30 pass offense in the NFL and the second least touchdowns. The receivers have not really earned the right to doubt because they are not producing.

But everyone agrees that it is a combination of protection, Prescott's accuracy and its shortcomings.

"That comes with the territory here," Beasley said of the criticism. "And I feel that we have achieved a lot, but many other people have done it too, so it's not just us, it's just the way it goes, whether it's true or not, we still have to come in and do our job."

The Cowboys have the NFL leader in Ezekiel Elliott, but Prescott is still near the bottom of the league in key pass efficiency categories two years after setting a rookie pin qualification record as NFL Offensive Rookie of the year.

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