Rahul Johri not to attend ICC meeting – sources

BCCI Secretary Amitabh Chaudhary is expected to represent the board of directors at the meeting of executive heads of the ICC that will be held in Singapore this week, a task that Normally have fallen to its CEO Rahul Johri. The decision follows the accusations of #MeToo, published on Friday, regarding Johri's behavior with a professional partner in his previous job.

The BCCI's first response to the anonymous reports of Johri's alleged conduct against a former colleague in the television industry. before joining the BCCI, he had sought an "explanation" from Johri in a week. There was no information on whether the allegations would affect Johri's daily operations within the BCCI or even his presence as representative of the Indian board at the Singapore meeting on October 17 and 18. It is believed that the protests within the board, the Committee of two members of Administrators (CoA), as well as the reservations expressed at the highest level of the ICC, were advanced to ensure that Johri was not part of the meeting of executive directors. in Singapore. The possibility of Johri appearing at the meeting in Singapore had made the situation "very uncomfortable," according to a cricket official.

The accusations against Johri, made anonymously through Twitter, are part of a global environment transformed vitally around issues of sexual harassment, abuse and crimes against women. BCCI's own internal grievance committee against workplace harassment has only existed since April 2018. The committee is headed by BCCI lawyer Karina Kripalani, operations of GM, Saba Karim, Rupawati Rao, who works in BCCI accounts and external members of women's rights in Mumbai. Lawyer Veena Gowda.

This is the third time in 18 months that the BCCI and, through them, the CoA, have faced complaints, accusations and allegations of sexual harassment against their top executives. Johri's name has appeared on them, but it's still not sure if two complaints were the same, only with more details. Given the nature of the accusations against the executive director of India's richest and highest profile sporting body and the richest board in the world of cricket, the grievance committee could be dealing with its largest and most detailed case so far. .

source:- espncricinfo.com

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