Real Valladolid add star power with new owner Ronaldo

Real Valladolid and manager Sergio Gonzalez have started the LaLiga 2018-1919 campaign with some moments of positivism so far, earning two points in their first three games in the top flight. The new majority owner of the club has also brought extreme excitement, in the form of legendary superstar Ronaldo.

The 41-year-old took control after buying a controlling stake of 51%, and will aim to move Valladolid into a new era. The president of the club, Carlos Suárez, is undoubtedly an individual energized by the change at the top, and believes that this may be the beginning of something very special with Ronaldo leading the way. "The arrival of Ronaldo puts Valladolid on the map and will allow the club to take a step forward in quality."

The main goal for Valladolid in the immediate future is to become a regular in the top flight, back in LaLiga now for the first time since 2014. During this decade, the club has suffered relegation twice to the Second Division . With its new owner, his vast experience could be a turning point for the future.

Captain Javi Moyano, Kiko Olivas and Borja Fernandez represent a solid core, which has helped to allow a single goal in three games (vs. Barcelona). However, the club has not scored a goal in three games either, and that's probably the biggest area Ronaldo will want to address as owner.

Thanks to his time in Barcelona and Real Madrid, Ronaldo has an excellent understanding of the dynamics and nuances of LaLiga. It can be difficult to stay in the first division, and adding more firepower to the front will be crucial. With a celebrity status and a wide network of contacts in world football, recruitment can become his specialty in his new position.

In 2014, Ronaldo became the minority owner of Fort Lauderdale Strikers in the North American Soccer League (NASL), then the second tier in the United States. There was a serious murmur among supporters, and even rumors that he might be looking for a return to the field at some point.

However, the good vibes did not last long, and in three years the club disbanded. Some may see this as something negative for Ronaldo, but that may be a little exaggerated. The length of life of the clubs in the lower divisions of America unfortunately is not always long, and the blame for the collapse of the Strikers would fall, obviously, on the main owner, Paulo Cesso. Real Valladolid will be a completely different situation for him, with more pressure and responsibility on the shoulders of Ronaldo.

Real Valladolid wants to consolidate its place in LaLiga and improve the overall quality of its squad for the future. Ronaldo has amazed the world before, and maybe O Fenômeno has more magic up his sleeve.

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