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Rohit Sharma, India's victorious substitute, wants auditions for points 4 and 6 of the ODI XI to have more opportunities in the coming months, even if the team's dynamic changes when Virat Kohli takes the lead.

"The guys who were here had the ability to win games for the team," Rohit said. "They have won matches for their state or IPL teams, no one took any additional pressure because some players were not available, we want to create an environment where the kids come in, play without worries and do not think it's an international match and we have to change our game.

"As an administration, it is our duty to grant players the freedom to play as they play in the club or in the home. At the beginning of the tournament, we discussed this and gave them a clear message: "Deal with this as if you were playing for your home team, nothing to change." It was very important to give them this message, to ensure that there is no insecurity inside. "

At his press conference prior to the tournament, Rohit had advocated for continuity, and remained firm through the Asian Cup. he gave six consecutive opportunities to Ambati Rayudu, Dinesh Karthik and Kedar Jadhav to further strengthen their cases for a mid-level position with the World Cup next year in mind.

Among them, Rayudu showed his versatility in batting in He scored half a century each as a starter and at No. 3 against Afghanistan and Hong Kong respectively, while Karthik made 146 runs in five innings at No. 4, playing a large part in an accumulator in slow surfaces where batting required a certain degree of patience and calmness, which included scores of 33, 31 *, 1 *, 44 and 37. Jadhav impressed with his wicket-taking skills in the mid-overs, in addition to making A crucial undefeated 23 in the final despite a right hamstring injury.

"I think we have enough clarity, those in No. 4 and No. 6 need to get more matches as the World Cup approaches," Rohit said. "It's too early to judge or say who have sealed the place. " I should not be saying that because now is not the time. The next tournaments that we are going to play are probably ideal for us to judge as administration and see what their position is.

Dinesh Karthik goes down the track to pass Associated Press

"When they came here, I wanted to give them the assurance first that they will play all the games, that's how they become players. and playing freely without pressure, if they know they are going to drop them after two games, it's not easy for anyone, I think it's important to keep that team constantly on track, and that's something we talked about at the beginning of the tournament. Give everyone a good run and play more games, how will you understand the ability of a player because in an odd game you can not judge, you need a lot of games. "

Rohit himself recorded scores of 23, 52, 83 *, 111 * and 48, which shows the captaincy had little effect on his hitting. He delivered two half-century opening stalls and a two-century opening stall with Shikhar Dhawan, all in match-winning causes. The other side of this consistency was the less ideal batting time for the middle order.

The almost-faultless pursuit against Afghanistan in a draw and its mini-collapse in the final despite that, Rohit was reasonably happy with the mid-range performances. "In regards to batting, the middle order did not have as many opportunities as we wanted, because the first-rate hitters hit a lot in the tournament, "said Rohit. "But whenever they have chances, they have shown signs of handling the pressure well, it's a different problem that they did not finish, but I think they handled the pressure well."

Kathik aside, the only batter among those who played all the matches that have not been half a century ago was MS Dhoni. He started the tournament with a duck against Hong Kong, but showed signs of solidity by making 33 and 36 against Bangladesh in the Super Four game and the final, respectively. On Friday, Dhoni's dismissal triggered a lower-order swing that threatened to take Bangladesh back into contention, but India had lower-order vital associations involving Jadhav and Bhuvneshwar Kumar.

The 31-ball 21 of Bhuvneshwar in No. 8 helped to absorb the pressure after India had 167 hits for 5 and Jadhav had strained by a hamstring injury. Bhuvneshwar added 45 with Ravindra Jadeja, with the intention of the pair in the strike rotation without taking too many bets. In a sign of his improved power play, Bhuvneshwar also drilled a Rubal Hossain yorker attempt for six seasons with India needing 26 of 28.

In just one inning, he showed what India had been missing all the time while he He was injured, a solid No. 8 that could provide the team's batting cushion in situations like these. "Bhuvi is a very important member of the squad, not just now, but for a few years," Rohit said. "In Sri Lanka he also scored 50 and had a great partnership with MS to win the game, and even today, his careers were so crucial."

"He understands that the team also wants him to hit, and not just bowl. If any player on your team can provide you with something other than their main abilities, improve your team, so that is what we all expect from each player. He takes his batting very seriously. "

Rohit was effusive in his praise for Ravindra Jadeja, who made an ODI comeback in the Asian Cup after more than a year, and on his first outing he pocketed a four, while his lower-ranked lineup and hitting-the hits he could not finish-provided reassuring signals for a unit looking for backup copies for each point.The fact that Jadeja came back was due to the spasms in Hardik's back. Pandya who excluded him from the game.

With the ball, the unadorned variety of Jadeja helped to achieve crucial advances, but his impact on the field earned him applause.In the final, he intercepted a drive doing a long dive duration to his left on the cover, before recovering quickly and having the presence of mind to shoot a shot at the correct end.This resulted in the destitution of Mohammad Mithun in form, paving the way for an imp lesser order that cost Bangladesh a great deal.

Rohit quickly corrected a query in J forced forced ODA rest and then explained why he believed that such performances mattered. "I do not think it was a break, Jadeja was out of the team," he said. "When you come out, you have the fire inside you, that burning desire to make a comeback and prove yourself, instead of showing it to someone else, I think you have shown in this tournament that it is much better than it was before. 19659002] "I remember clearly, he flew the night before the first game and got four terrains immediately. Even today, he did not play 10 overs, but his batting and fielding skills are very, very crucial for the team. I think what he did in the field, that depletion of Mithun was the turning point. I think it's something that gave us a way back to the game. Also as a team, we understand what kind of player he is, what he brings to the table. His hitting again today, even though he made around 25-odd, was so crucial. In the context of a match, it was as good as scoring half a century "


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