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India's captain, Virat Kohli, believes that India has the character and ability to win hard races; they only need the experience to close difficult situations with intrepid and intelligent cricket. He said the 4-1 scoreline against England did not show how competitive the series was, and that both the teams and those who understand cricket know it.

"There will definitely be things that we will sit on and think that could be taken as opportunities," Kohli said in the post-match presentation at The Oval. "I know we've missed some, but we do not regret the way we've played, Obviously, when both teams are looking for victories, you'll have results that look like that, England plays without fear as well, we decided to play without fear as well. raffles in this type of series.

"That's exactly what the scoreboard shows. It does not say that it is not a fair marker. They played better cricket than us, they deserve to win. But that does not mean that we have been outperformed in every game. Except Lord's. We have been competitive in all games. People watching and people understanding the game know it. We can take a lot of that, but at the same time we have to learn from the things we did not do well and apply them the next time we step on the field. "

The biggest lesson for India, said Kohli, was the way he played rookie Sam Curran, India voted for him as the Man of the England Series.

"There is a reason why we voted for Sam as the Man of the Series," said Kohli, stage in the batting order, and With the ball also, he has made very important contributions.If you look at the meaning of the games, the first one was massive, and after 2-1, the fourth was massive.He made plays in both games. Someone comes in and plays like that, put England in front in both games, we can learn from that, kids come in, without fear, taking the situation in front but being smart about it, that's something we have to learn and apply. "

Kohli was also full of praise for KL Rahul and Rishabh Pant, who stretched to England on the fifth day at The Oval, quarter-century against an unlikely target "You should give these young people a lot of credit", said Kohli. "To ascend in such a difficult stage". Three wickets down for two races. Jinks [Rahane] got stuck with KL but I think the way KL and Rishabh hit showed the character we have on the team.

"The type of cricket that we play in the series may not be shown on the scoreboard, but both sides know that it has been a competitive series, it has taken a lot from both sides.

" We have taken on the challenge. Today was an example of two boys who did not give up and actually entertained the crowd. This is probably the reactivation of Cricket Test and shows what it means to us. It's a great publicity for the test cricket. "


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