Shaw, Umesh get Kohli

The series against the Antilles is now done. Six days of cricket with a 2-0 result that leads India to a record of ten consecutive series of wins at home. The focus now shifts to Australia and it seems quite likely that 18-year-old starter Prithvi Shaw and fast player who rarely plays abroad, Umesh Yadav, are part of the plan.

Virat Kohli wants to make Indian bowling his strength. And he will not mind a batting lineup that can take him to Mitchell Starc and company when they start testing in Adelaide. He felt that Umesh gave India the rhythm that needs a bowling attack to be effective in those conditions and Shaw … well, here are the exact words of the captain of India: "I do not think any of us were even the 10 percent of what it is at 18-19. "

" The guy has taken the opportunity very well, he looks like someone who can start the kind of start he needs, especially to achieve the first mark in Any series you play, from that point of view, it's great to have such an intrepid guy, and it's not unwise, he's very confident in his game, you might feel he's going to steal one now, but he's barely touching the ball. we saw it in England also when I was hitting the net, I was really attacking but with control, which is a very rare quality against the new ball, playing so many shots and having control of all of them is a great signal. " 19659002] Praise for Umesh, who became the third fast bowler to pick up a ten-window tour at home, flowed equally free and "It's good to have all the guys safe and eager to go because four Tests in Australia they can be brutal because the ball does not look much like England, you have to go in and run all day, bowl in the right areas, with rhythm. " . So I think from that point of view, Umesh is there to perform in Australia because he has the rhythm. He has the fitness level to run all day to choose us in crucial times and also has a good rebound. .

"Not many people realize it, but he's a very talented player, he can throw you non-playable deliveries from time to time, he'll throw a ball that you feel you could not have done anything other than get out. Gaining more confidence in his own game, especially in the test cricket, I think he has come a long way and understands his bowling very well.

"It's a great sign, as I said, to have four types of bowling so well who can collect land. That is something we want to keep as a constant part of our team. Obviously, the batting is something that we are learning from the last tour that we want to improve collectively. But bowling is something we need to maintain as a great strength for us to feel like we have the chance to win a series when we travel far from home. "

The two top scorers in the series for India were 18 and 20 and Kohli took that as a positive too. "We were looking at the young people who played with a lot of freedom. Prithvi was outstanding. Rishabh was really intrepid. The areas in which they need to work will obviously be talked about in that regard. In general, both of them are really good. "Consolidating their place in the team and understanding how to play at this level, I know that the conditions may not be as challenging as they might be in the future, but in Test cricket, first and foremost important is the confidence and understanding that you can score runs at the test level.From this point of view, we are very happy that you have risked so well.Get Man of the Series [like Prithvi Shaw] in the first series, independently where we play or how you play, it's a remarkable achievement ".


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