Shoaib Akhtar talked Mohammad Hafeez out of retiring

Years after taking the last of his 444 international windows, Shoaib Akhtar could have made another contribution to Pakistan: through a telephone call to Mohammad Hafeez.

With his international career seemingly shrinking, and having been demoted in Pakistan's central contract list, Hafeez, 37, had considered retiring. But his wife, and then Akhtar, convinced him not to do it.

On Sunday, returning to the test team after more than two years, Hafeez scored his tenth hundred in the format, preparing the platform for a solid first Day of performance against Australia along with the opening partner Imam-ul-Haq . At the end of the game of the day, Hafeez revealed how close he had come to abandoning the game.

"I had some problems in the last few months," he said. "I could have taken some steps, drastically, but I was prevented from taking them in. I could have taken them, my wife stopped me, Shoaib Akhtar called me specially and at that moment I was thinking about drastic steps because I was very disturbed".

"I think Allaah is the best planner and he planned good things for me, it could have been something else this time, I probably think this is the place where I had to reappear." When I came back to the team, all the players gave me they welcomed me and gave me confidence, and that increased my inner energy, so I am very happy with the return. "

Hafeez has made several reappearances in several formats, and this was his fifth cricket test. and again, he said, he brought out the best in him.

"Look, [even] Younis Khan had to prove himself, even in his last test, for what happens to us," Hafeez said. "It's like this and it's hard to make [others] understand, and understand yourself, how many times do you have to prove yourself.

" They challenge you, your critics challenge you, and wait for your bad performances and highlight them . That is all. It challenges you and brings out the best. That has worked for me and Allah has helped me. I always want to be positive. and leave all those things behind. "

Hafeez was a last-minute inclusion in the Pakistan team, but said he had been waiting for retirement, given his form in domestic cricket. in the back of a hundred for his first-class team SNGPL.

"I do not know about the mentality because I was willing to take that challenge," he said, when asked what his mentality was like to return to the team. Management announced me later as member number eighteen. He was playing domestic cricket and scoring runs, so he expected a retirement. I was in a positive frame of mind that I will return to the team and act. "

Having passed through a roller coaster race, Hafeez spoke of wanting to end his career" with respect ".

"Look, whoever the player is, he wants to leave with respect, and that's my wish," he said. "I want to play with respect and finish with respect, after that, there are other ways, but whatever life I have left, I want to play for Pakistan and come out on top"


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