Should have kept batting after the hundred – Prithvi Shaw

On the first day of the Rajkot Test against the West Indies, Prithvi Shaw became the youngest Indian to score a century in the Test's debut. Here are your thoughts on the entries, shared during an interview with Star Sports at the end of the day's play.

One hundred of debut, tell us how you feel about the tickets.

I feel very good after one hundred. At first I was a bit nervous, but when I entered I felt quite comfortable and was trying to play my natural game, what I do in first class cricket and in India A. I kept going. I did not think that this was my first game, I just thought it was another game for me, and it just happened.

It's easy to tell you it's just another game, but this is the Match Match cricket and you would have felt somewhere that you had to hit different But when we saw you hitting around, it was perfect to go from first-class cricket to cricket test.

It was in my mind that it's my first time in the test cricket, so how am I supposed to hit? But on the other hand, I was like & # 39; play my game & # 39; I had confidence after playing 10-15 overs. I only played the ball on merit and kept going.

The celebration after you had those hundred. Who or what were you thinking about?

I was thinking about my dad, because he has sacrificed a lot of things for me. The first hundred are all for him. Whenever I score, I write for him. Obviously for India, it was very important for me because each and every one of the cricketers dream of playing on the Indian side and I have the opportunity. I did not want to lose this opportunity. It was a good challenge for me to play against these guys and I think I did it well.

You're only 18, but when I see you hit, you look like a season hitter, someone who's 25 years old and played a lot of cricket That would be true, right? You've played cricket a lot and you've hit several hours, even if you're only 18 years old.

Yes. I want to say that from a small age we played a lot of school cricket, 30-35 games in a year in school cricket, and then games for children under 16 years. When I got to the U-19 I played a lot of cricket and got a lot of experience. Then India A too, and the Ranji Trophy, just continues. The matches do not stop in India, and I think that due to all those games I gained experience, and from all the experience I got before, I brought [into play] here and I just played my game.

When the tickets arrived. An end, we saw how disappointed you were. It felt like you wanted more. In general, people are happy to get their first hundred, but you seemed really disappointed.

Yes, I mean, I do not think that score of one hundred was enough. The wicket was good and I should have continued batting. I felt really disappointed by [how] there were only 10 minutes left for the tea break, and that was on my mind. That's only ten minutes, you have to be a little careful. Only that strange ball came, bounced and grabbed a little (the ball that took it out).


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