SLC official arrested on charges of financial fraud

Wimal Nandika Dissanayake, financial director of Sri Lanka Cricket, was arrested by the country's Criminal Investigation Department on charges of financial fraud in the amount of USD 165,000. It is understood that this is related to the missing part of the transmission fees due to the local series meeting against South Africa in July-August of this year. attempt to embezzle USD 5.5 million in transmission fees for the ongoing tour of England. In that case, Sony Pictures Ltd had helped uncover the irregularity, alerting the board that it was requested that the funds be transferred to an unknown account.

Dissanayake, who replaced the head of the finance division of SLC Chandramali Korale in 2017, I have been working as a CFO for almost a year when the initial allegations related to the broadcasting fees of the England tour arose. At the time he claimed that his account had been hacked, although later investigations revealed that this was not true. Since then, SLC has begun to take a closer look at its books to detect possible financial malpractice within the organization, and instructed the accounting firm Ernst & Young to conduct an audit of its & # 39; Transmission rights of means and receipts and payments & # 39; during the years 2013-2018. [19659004]


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