There will never be another Alastair Cook, says Joe Root

English cricket "will never see someone of the stature of Alastair Cook again" according to Captain Joe Root.

Cook leaves the game with more races, appearances and catches (not counting the goalkeepers) than any player in England in history. [19659002] So while England is preparing to enter the final race of Test of Cook, Root has praised his "outstanding" record, has described him as a "role model" for the rest of the team and has acknowledged that it will be "very hard to replace. "

"It has been an exceptional race," said Root. "Spending 12 years at the top of the order and having a record like that is a feat, especially under these conditions for the majority." There are not many starters in the world that can match that, no matter the English players. [19659002] "In terms of his abilities as a player, I can not think of anyone who approaches his concentration. Having the record that opens the batting for such a long period of time is phenomenal. More than anything, being such a solid and hardworking professional. The way in which you conduct yourself in the dressing room, to each person, the respect you have for the game, for all your teammates and the opposition. That is what everyone aspires to have.

"Look at the way he does things and it's a real inspiration in how to behave like a superior professional, so it's going to be very difficult to replace him, to be a massive loss in our dressing room."

Root He admitted that Cook was something of a hero to him when he grew up.He was among the crowds in Australia when Cook helped England to the ashes of 2010-11 with a prolific series and then made his Debuté under Cook's captaincy on the tour of India 2012.

"I remember that someone came on the team and made it look so easy on the top of the order," Root said. "A little bit later I was in Australia when I got 730 odd runs. I managed to get to a couple of games where he hit him everywhere. It was really great, actually.

"Then I remember making my debut and having to pinch myself who was in the same wardrobe." Even saying that I played with him has been a great honor.

"It has been a great influence on my First It gave me the opportunity to play. And, as a role model, there are not many people who do things better than he does. He has his feet on the ground.

"It was summed up by Jos Buttler, he's the most sensible superstar you've ever seen, he always has time for everyone, it's a great quality in any aspect of life, high-pressure environment like international cricket."

"I'll miss it Your presence. Not only because of his careers and what he adds to the team, but also to him as a person. You will never see someone of your stature in the game again. "

While Cook was in poor condition in recent months, Root was upset to learn about his retirement plans and still believes he is able to end his career Try how it started: with a century.

"I was sad when he told me," said Root. "It was a very emotional conversation. He has been a massive part of our dressing room for so long, beyond my time as an England cricketer and as a young boy who watched him play. I am sure it will be an emotional week for many people, especially for him, but I am sure he will receive the reception he deserves. He has been a great server of the game and a great servant of English cricket. I really hope it ends in the highest.

"I have seen a century coming for a while, although you may not think so with the scores you have had in recent weeks, it seems appropriate to come out with a great personal note, not just as a team. everything that comes with this week and going out and delivering in the field, it would be good to start and finish with a century, you never know, it could be written in the stars. "


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