Tim Paine seeks clarification on 3-metre rule

Australia captain Tim Paine was seen in an argument with the referees after day two of the Abu Dhabi Test, after having sought clarification on whether the 3 m rule he had denied at his side One pound for the second time in so many matches had room for

The decision to rule Azhar Ali was not for recommendation, despite the projection of tracking the ball that shows the blow of half and half of the stumps up half, it was largely irrelevant to the state of a game that Pakistan is now dominating. But it was clearly a point of discussion for the Australians after they were also denied an attack on Haris Sohail in similar circumstances in Dubai.

The rule is in place through a combination of questions about the ability of the ball tracking to project a correct path for an appeal of lbw if the point of impact with the pad is more than 3 m away from the stumps, and also respect the referee's opinion that a batter is too far away from the court to be able to speak with confidence. of the bowler. Australian starter Aaron Finch confirmed that Paine had asked if the regulation could be changed if it proved that the ball was going to hit the stumps as directly as Jon Holland's appeal appeared to be.

"Yes, it was just a bit of confusion again," he said. Finch. "Where 3m is below the window, if it's still hitting the stumps and hitting the line, we can modify the rule, I know it's sounding sour right now because we've been on the receiving end, but it certainly is not. rule is now, but maybe if you are hitting online and if the three (launch point, impact with pad, impact with stumps) are still red, maybe there is a possibility to dump it.

"But we only have to deal with it with that, it's a part of the game and it's unfortunate that it did not turn out well, but that's cricket, and many times when a team has momentum, things are going well, and we've certainly been in the back of the foot. That is through our own doing. We really did not know until the last Test, about three meters. Putting myself online, hitting online, hitting the stumps, for me that's weird.

"Obviously I understand the element of predicting the path of the ball, that's something that has attacked us a couple of times, but that's the game, that's the rule, and we just have to deal with that. I've thought about it too much, I think as technology improves … I think it will be 100% accurate or 99% accurate over time. "Rules like that are always modified or changed slightly."

To make the appeal even more complicated against Azhar Ali was the fact that the ball hit the pad only slightly before the bat, which would also have taken into account the field decision of the umpire S Ravi. Haris Sohail's appeal had seen the batter not offer a shot, in which case it is often said that the benefit of the doubt passes from the batter to the bowler.

The ICC refused to comment on a decision made in a game still in progress

source:- espncricinfo.com

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