Too slow: Gronkowski’s grab not reviewed by poky NFL

DENVER (AP) – The NFL spent a lot of time and effort in the offseason simplifying what constitutes a trap and trying to make the game safer with new rules that require both offensive and defensive players to use their heads and not their helmets .

The mistakes, however, are here to stay.

Take Rob Gronkowski's spectacular 28-yard catch between two Texas defenders, which was perhaps not a catch, which set a touchdown in the final seconds of the first half, giving the Patriots a 21-7 advantage. 6 on his way to a 27-20 victory on Sunday.

The capture was kept as it is called, not because the NFL headquarters confirmed the reception at the review, but because the league did not call the officers in the field fast enough to stop the next hit so they can analyze more thoroughly the grip of Gronk.

"New York responded," said referee Tony Corrente. "However, unfortunately, they did not receive the game officials on the field until after the (next) play had already begun."

Crucially, the capture / non-capture remained as it was called.

Houston Coach Bill O'Brien, who would have been penalized for throwing his red flag of challenge within the 2 minute warning, could have called a timeout to allow the league office more time. I did not have a good view of the play.

Anyway, the clock was running and O & # 39; Brien thought the Texans could keep New England with a field goal.

They could not. [19659002] Tom Brady threw a 14-yard touchdown pass with 23 seconds left.

O & # 39; Brien said Monday he thinks it was really a Gronkowski catch.

"In the coach's film, I really do , "O & # 39; Brien said." He climbed up, caught him, kept both hands underneath. Now, in relation to some television angles and some other video angles that I've seen, maybe it was questionable. From the coach's point of view on the coach's tape, it seemed like a trap for me "

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