Tremain focuses on how to take wickets in trying conditions

Chris Tremain is likely to make the trip to the UAE next month, but the fast bowler is not thinking too much about Australia A on the last day of a long tour of India. As for Tremain, he is already representing his country in a test in Alur, on the outskirts of Bengaluru.

"If I take a look, I'm already representing my country, I'm here for me" I never imagined I would be a professional cricketer, let alone playing for my country, "said Tremain at the end of the third day in Alur." I would not say I'm happy, I'm happy with what I'm doing. We allow everything else – wickets, and races and selection – to be handled alone. Because if you face each day and play the game, they want to play it, then they usually take care of themselves. "

In an interview with SEN Radio before embarking on the tour, Tremain said that he had he had been in India twice before, where he was part of both the one-day squads and the four-day squads for Australia A, and that on both occasions, he had been seriously ill.

"The best advice I had was I would take it and ride with it. "I'm going to get sick and I'll do my best to get by," Tremain had said. "I've never played on such grounds and things like the weather are going to play a big role."

It's been a couple of months since that conversation, and having finished what could be his last substantial spell on the tour, Tremain has found the conditions surprising, to the point that after the four-day games, he could not help mention the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

"I said in the last game that the terrain in Chinnaswamy was similar to the one we have in MCG, I would say this one even more, the MCG has been slow, flat, unfavorable for the fast launch, and there have been many works for get rewards.

"This has been a bit similar. The only difference is in Chinnaswamy, it broke down and there were some demons that came into play. From the fold to the fold, they are things of MCG. I have not found it too different. I have played quite a few seasons in MCG and it has been quite similar. Interestingly, we received much more help here. Like balls that shoot or even a little spin. "

And as he did last season for Victoria, Tremain has led the Australian bowling attack in these sterile conditions.The numbers (four terrains in three innings) are not so prolific as his 51 fields in 10 games, the best in Sheffield Shield last year, but they are close to their last two games at MCG, where he took five wickets in four innings, apart from Mohammed Siraj, who used the reverse swing to great effect During a haul of 11 wickets in the first game, Tremain has looked like the best sealer in the series on both sides.

Tremain has been able to reach constant points and, as such, was the goal of Mitchell Marsh. in defense as in Alur, or in attack, when he and Brendan Doggett combined to torment India A's bats with a well-designed short-ball strategy during the first Test.

One of the reasons is that unlike previous visits to this, Tremain has not had too much workload on this tour. In a first possibility of 144 overs, Tremain launched only 17, despite being the most successful bowler with figures of 3 by 41. And before four days, he only played in a game of 50 overs.

"It has been a long series but not so much on the game front, we spent a lot of time in Vijayawada sitting without doing too much because of the rain, then a lot of transition between Vijayawada to Hyderabad and Bangalore." [For the one-dayers] We had essentially our This is the first white-bowling line-up that had a good run and rightly so Now, with the opportunity to play these four days, it has been different, it has been a challenge. backyard, and a way to push for the national team. "

That being the case, it is logical to think that there has not been too much experimentation and that there has not been time to think deeply about the skills. Instead, Tremain said, the entire team focused on tactics instead of looking for new tools.

"There's always a kind of starting period at the beginning of each season, and we're going through that now, I think every time I've played I've gotten better, the pace has improved, some energy has changed in that ball. 19659002] "I think the only thing I need to adapt is how I'm going to take wickets in the attempt. conditions at the right time. With the soft ball in good innings, how can I get them out?

"And it's not just me, the whole team has had this conversation, and if they put us in that position when we return to Australia, then with luck, this experience will help us make the right decisions."


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