Two 0-for-0 declarations and a penultimate-over finish

New Zealand's first-class competition, the Plunket Shield, witnessed an odd double 0-for-0 statement when the Central and Canterbury Districts propelled a decisive result in a game of Nelson in the rain.

The result came dramatically, with left arm Ryan McCone fast throwing No. 11 Andrew Hazeldine of Canterbury on the last ball of the penultimate final of the game. The last couple of Hazeldine and Will Williams challenged the players of the Central Districts by 25.5, and took Canterbury to the edge of a draw with no luck.

With the rain ending with two full days of play, the fourth and last day started with Central Districts 301 for 7 in their first innings. They proceeded to add 51 to their total, at which point Willem Ludick took his first class first class, in his second game, before declaring on the seventh day of the day.

Canterbury declared his first turn to 0 for 0, and the Central Districts proceeded to do the same in his second, effectively converting it into a one-inning game.

The two most recent examples of double 0-for-0 declarations in first-class cricket involved Hampshire at the 2013 County Championship, against Gloucestershire and Leicestershire. It only happened once in Test cricket, during the controversial Centurion Test between South Africa and England in 2000.

He set a goal of 353 in 89 possible shots, Canterbury was two down in the seventh and kept losing regular ground afterwards. . When Seth Rance took his sixth class first round with five windows, Canterbury had nine demolitions and there were still 26.5. However, the victory would only come after an agonizing wait.


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