Umesh Yadav to replace Shardul Thakur for first two West Indies ODIs

Midfielder Shardul Thakur, whose debut in the Test was hampered by an injury, was excluded from the ODI series against the West Indies and will be replaced by Umesh Yadav. Thakur suffered an injury to the tendon of the right abductor and had thrown only 10 deliveries on the opening morning of the second Test against the West Indies in Hyderabad.

As soon as he threw the tenth ball, it seemed that his front foot had doubled on landing and the pain was evident. At that time, it was said to be a pain in the groin area. Later, Thakur was retired to perform scans, which put in doubt his participation in the rest of the test. He did not return to the bowl in the rest of the game, but went to the bat at number 11 and faced 12 deliveries.

Although only five ODI and seven T20 are old, apart from his only test, Thakur has had an injury. Cramped start to his international career. He had also been excluded from the Asian Cup with pain in his right hip and groin after playing only one game, against Hong Kong. Before that, he had only played the final ODI in the tour of England, passing all the series of tests that followed in the bank.

Umesh has not been a consistent part of the ODI side recently. He played two ODI in England, but stayed out of the Asian Cup team. Meanwhile, he played three games a day for Vidarbha, but could not achieve more than one window in each of the games, ending with figures from 1 to 72, 1 to 70 and 0 to 39.

Left to take charge As India's only fast player in the absence of Thakur in Hyderabad, Umesh impressed with a game of 10 to 133, his best career record. It was a performance that earned him the Man of the Match award and a vote of confidence from Captain Virat Kohli for the tour of Australia at the end of the year.


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