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West Indies scoring more than 300 in the first two ODIs could have led India to remember rested fast bowlers Jasprit Bumrah and Bhuvneshwar Kumar for the rest of the series, according to the West Indies coach, Stuart Law. West Indies lost the first ODI by a large margin despite winning 322, and tied the second by equating 321.

from India "Yes, I would like to think so," Law said on the eve of the third ODI in Pune "Probably that's the reason why they have returned the call to their two most experienced bowlers of a day, we came here understanding that it would be difficult, but for our credit we have not refused to do it. , we asked questions and had numerous honest discussions about how to improve and how to approach the Indian team, and it is a credit to our players to make changes in the bowling lineup after two games.

"So yes, I hope we are doing Let the Indians ask themselves questions. They are giving us many questions to ask us, but at this stage we are getting very good answers. I know it's a tight series, we still have to win to level it tomorrow, so we understand the enormity of it and we're not retreating. "

The West Indies have shown remarkable resistance against Indian bowling combinations until the moment, particularly the intermediate order that had to face three types of tournaments, but at no time have they been under pressure to reconstruct a possibility, which could be a challenge since the most experienced fast bowlers in India take the new Ball in Pune The law does not believe the batting approach will be very different on Saturday, particularly for Shimron Hetmyer and Shai Hope, their best hitters on the road so far.

"I do not think the pressure will go away no matter who you play against. "I've heard comments, I've heard a lot of talk shows, talking about the confrontation between the West Indies and the Indi a, and not many people have given us the opportunity to compete in this series. But that's fuel for our boys' fire. They like to get them out of the contest and give them the opportunity to go out and play good cricket.

The law was not allowed in the locker room for the first two ODI due to a two-party ban he had picked up during the second Test in Hyderabad and, as such, the third ODI is a return for him. The coach played down the suggestion that this absence was a factor in which the West Indies failed to win the second ODI.

"I missed being part of the locker room, I'm not sure most of the guys have missed me, and looking back, now in Pune [with the sights] maybe I should have held back a bit and been expelled here! "The law joked. "No, Vizag and Guwahati were great, but I'd rather be in the dressing room, you have a different perspective on television, which I managed to talk about in training."

"But to go back to the dressing room. ..the dressing room is running by itself. The players have played enough cricket and understand how and what needs to be done. It is our responsibility, as coaches, to facilitate what players must do to produce the best in the field. I do not need to say much. I do not think the dynamics in the changing room change. "

His absence could also have been offset by the presence of Marlon Samuels, who, according to Law, had given him a" different role "on this tour, one that is more inclined to be a mentor As a hitter, Samuels has also been given the task of tackling the turn, but has not hit more than 10 balls in the series.

"You can discard it at your own risk. He's one of those players who stand up on big occasions, "Law said. Every game we play from here is a final, and we all know what Marlon can do in the finals.

"I've given it a different kind of role in this tour, it's basically here to help young children, we have a very inexperienced squad, you need to help those young people learn very fast in the field and you're doing a great job. He has a bigger role now, apart from playing cricket and scoring runs, I think he started to look good the other night, Kuldeep – it's kind of hard to read, it will take time, but Marlon is a good spin player. he has improved from the first game to the second. "

source:- espncricinfo.com

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