Top 3 Reasons Why App Users Earn More Than Web Browser Users

I’ll discuss here about the difference of apps and web browsers according to the business point of view. Usually app users earn more money as compared to web browser users and there are certain reasons for that. As the technology is advancing people are gaining more interests in Apps as compared to web browsers. This trend can significantly boost a business it’s it’s used efficiently. Smart people already shifted their interests from browsers to apps. Talking proper benefits from Apps require us to learn why apps are more suitable in terms of earning. So let’s explore the hidden secrets behind app’s success over web browsers.


i) Conversion rate of Apps is 3 times than Browsers

Criteo research revealed that app users earn more more than 3 times than mobile browsers. There are many reasons of this including:

  • User friendly environment
  • easy to manage and handle for both owner and user
  • Better product views
  • Safe
  • Add to basket facilities
  • Product buying is much more easier than browsers

But the things that you must consider is the whatever you use i.e. App of your website for you business marketing, your primary focus must be on How you advertise. Because the basic thing which attracts customers is your advertisement and product show up. Better advertisement makes app users earn more.

ii) More Customer Engagement with Apps

You marketing manager would know better about marketing techniques to engage more and more customers. The point here is to implement these techniques and strategies on you product ,Application, instead of website. Web browsers have many limitations along with a less user friendly environment. Many apps also offer coupons, rich messages, videos, surveys/ and polls, games and many more. This better quality of facilities significantly attracts users so app users earn more.

iii) Apps helps in Increasing Traffic to Your Stores

There are many methods to attract users to visit your stores. For example you can make special offers on your products for foot visitors. Your app can help a lot in this. Many apps use GPRS to track user’s location. If user is somewhere nearby to their store then he/she will be automatically notified about store, discounts on current products and many more. That’s why app users earn more!

Many apps saves individual user’s personal data and interest in particular types of products. So apps show them products of their interests. This facility attracts users for using apps.

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