Will be ready for captaincy when opportunity comes: Rohit Sharma

Dubai, September 29 (PTI) His record as substitute captain has been quite impressive and Rohit Sharma made it clear today that whenever the opportunity arises, he would be "ready" for the full-time captaincy.

Under Rohit, India has won two close multiplayer tournaments: the tri-nation of T20 in Sri Lanka and now the Asian Cup of 50.

A three-time captain of the IPL of the Mumbai Indians, Rohit was asked if he is ready for a long-term leadership role in the future.

"Definitely, we just won, so I'll probably be ready (for captaincy). Whenever the opportunity arises, I'll be ready," a smiling Rohit told reporters. after the triumph of the Asian Cup of India.

There are challenges from a substitute captain, Rohit admitted, adding that the main objective is to allow players to play freely without thinking about their place in the team.

"It is a challenge for any team when some of their senior players are rested, obviously they will return and few of the guys have to get lost, each team is doing that and they also understand it.

" It depends on them every time they have the opportunity, they make it great and they make it count, but for us, as captain and coach, we have to make sure they have the freedom to go out and play their game without feeling any pressure, "Rohit said.

" I understand the dynamics of this team, how we play our cricket and how we want to advance as a team. I think that in this tournament we have scored all the boxes, "Rohit seemed satisfied after performing his task.

Rohit made it clear that his philosophy of leadership is to help players get rid of insecurities while playing for the country. fact assured people like Ambati Rayudu and Dinesh Karthik that they will play all the games.

"When we came here, I wanted to give them the assurance that they will play every game. This is how the players are made. If you know that after two games you will fall, it is not easy for any player.

"I wanted to give everyone a good run and play more games, that's how you understand the capabilities of a player, a strange game, you can not judge a player," said Rohit

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