Worcestershire run into trouble as rejuvenated Kyle Abbott takes hat-trick

Worcestershire 120 (Mitchell 41, Steyn 3-25) and 120 by 8 (Abbot 5-35) require 128 runs Hampshire 191 and 176 (Alsop 64, Dawson 39, Parnell) 4 -23, Tongue 4-38)

A hat-trick for South African bowler Kyle Abbott while the afternoon sun flooded all of Worcester, but settled the battle of the first two in favor of Hampshire and gave them renewed hope of saving their Division One status, as well as perhaps consigning Worcestershire to another relegation in their perpetual existence up and down.

Abbott admitted last week that he had been fighting for inspiration in his second season in Hampshire after leaving international cricket to play his days in county cricket. An adjustment to his contract, some grounds last week in Chelmsford in a game where Hampshire was defeated by a possibility, and the uplifting view of an uneven and crusty Worcester field in which 24 lands fell on the second day was all that He needed the struggles behind him.

Abbott returned the first hat-trick for Hampshire since Billy Taylor in 2006: Joe Clarke, the only batter in the first six to make double figures, dropped to 33 when he edged one that remained low; Josh Tongue, advancing in order in a desperate attempt to keep Ed Barnard until morning, was fucked up; and Barnard then fell to one that was markedly reduced, completing a pair on the day. Abbott finished with 5 for 35 with the possibility of the last two fields in the morning; Worcestershire needs another 128.

Several years have passed since the experienced international attack of Hampshire when the ball went over the outside edge, as it has done for two days. They perfumed a victim with each ball. Abbott, a dominant and robust figure again, felt that his worries were leaving, his South African companion Dale Steyn could imagine a race of Tests with stories yet to be told, and Fidel Edwards made 36 look ageless.

He took a ball to Worcestershire in his second chance to appear sad, Daryl Mitchell, the only batsman to offer A concerted resistance the first time, pressing Abbott to slide for the first time A silence fell on New Road, a vital component removed Steyn chose Tom Fell and Alex Milton with ease Brett D & # 39; Oliveira was controlled by Abbott, Ben Cox defeated Edwards & # 39; Outswinger to the wicketkeeper and, even though he waited for the decision, the referees did the right thing by sending it packing.Hôse took the additional half hour just to be frustrated by the desperate resistance ninth wicket and, in last instance, the bad light shortly after seven o'clock.

Except for the miracles of the third morning, suddenly it seems sad for Worcestershire. Instead, Lancashire has resolved a draw at Taunton and Yorkshire is opposing stubborn resistance at Trent Bridge. Surrey, elected champions, next in line. The young side of Worcestershire have many admirable qualities, but high-level endurance is not one of them, and Clarke's retention, his batting advantage value, will be much more difficult if they fall.

Worcestershire was slightly out of step at the start of the day – 68 for 4 in response to 191 – and to be fired by 120 in an additional 16.2 plus served to deepen their situation. Steyn broke the innings with two wickets in four balls, D & # 39; Oliveira and Barnard finished off the balls that slipped away.

The advantage of Hampshire was 71 and, on such a surface, they only needed to stretch it to 200 to feel in charge. Going down to 25 by 4 was not ideal, a reminder of the promise of the young attack in Worcestershire. But the composition of the difficult sides can be curious at the end of the season, the rest of the decisions made to challenge the players is not the best, which explains the decisive presence of Tom Alsop in the 6th place and Liam Dawson in the No .8, since they compiled 77 in 19 overs. The intervention of Wayne Parnell when he retired before tea helped him to 4 for 23 in his debut in the Championship of his house, but he arrived too late.

Dawson, of course, has a pedigree at eight o'clock. He made 66 against India in Chennai there in his first Test entries in 2016, the highest debut score ever made by a batter in that position. But only three Tests followed him, plus a limited number of coincidences. At age 28, more opportunities could arise in England, but if they do not, their challenge to achieve personal fulfillment is not different from Abbott's.

Around the time that Alsop and Dawson turned this party into Hampshire, a wave of applause for The Fifties of Alsop was heard in the Ladies' Pavilion, where tea and cake were dispensed with military efficiency.

"Is that a shutter?" A member from Worcestershire asked with hope.

"No, it's a cheese bun, honey," was the answer.

Alan Bennett would have a field day here. But the confusing answer was understandable considering the surrealist conversation that had just taken place. The previous client had looked at a line of almond slices with slightly different pastry edges and said, "We used to call them strikers, middlemen and midfielders when I was at school."

The finding that the slices of almonds in at least one Worcester school was named after football, not cricket, perhaps somehow explains the endless challenge of Worcestershire to sustain life in Division One It is evident that for the pastry chefs of Worcestershire, the time must descend to the public schools and stop it.

source:- espncricinfo.com

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