World Series Bark Park: Porcello’s pup romps around Fenway

BOSTON (AP) – Fresh out of his World Series training, Rick Porcello was far from tired of dogs.

So the Red Sox pitcher took his new puppy to play in a popular park: Fenway Park.

Porcello seen in fun as Bronco, 4 months old, the German shepherd explored the patio on Sunday. The puppy sniffed out of the Boston dock, zigzagged across the garden lawn and ran next to the Green Monster.

"I caught him a couple of days before the playoffs," said Porcello. "As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted it to be in my life."

The 2016 AL Young Young Award winner did not have to look far to find it. Bronco's father is Drago, a 7-year-old service dog owned by Fenway Park's main gardener, Dave Mellor.

Drago was in the field, as usual, with Mellor after the Red Sox had a short practice two days before Game 1 against the Dodgers of the Angels. Bronco was named after his active nature, his tail wagged a mile per minute and roamed from corner to corner with Drago.

"Who is a good dog?" Porcello called when they ran by.

To the delight of a group of tourists in the stands, Bronco ran to a worker's wheelbarrow and then swerved. After about 20 minutes, Porcello picked up the playful puppy and took it out of the bark park.

Bronco was among a litter of five born this summer in Lisle, another of Mellor's dogs. Red Sox infielder Ian Kinsler also adopted one of the puppies.

Porcello said his parents always had dogs in the house when he was growing up in New Jersey. They mainly had farmers, and one of their dogs was called Kirby, for Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett.

It's a busy time for Porcello, and now Bronco is living with a coach.

"Once the season is over, he will come to live with me and he will acclimate," said Porcello. "I can not wait to have a dog in the house"

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