Would have liked to take Virat Kohli

In just under two weeks, Pakistan will face India for the first time since the final of the Champions Trophy last year. Hasan Ali picked up three fields in the 180-race victory for Pakistan in that match, but he did not hit Virat Kohli, who fell early to Mohammad Amir. Hasan will also not play against Kohli during the Asian Cup, while India rests its regular captain for the tournament. Hasan is a little disappointed that Kohli does not align with him on September 19.

"Virat Kohli is a very good player, everyone knows he's a match winner," Hasan said, speaking to the media during the pre-tournament camp in Pakistan at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore. "Despite their absence from the team, India still has a very good team, they have many more players, the advantage for us is that, because of the way Virat Kohli can handle the pressure, someone else who comes in his place could not being able to do it.

"When I was young, everyone wants to take the shutter of Virat Kohli, but unfortunately he does not come. The next time we compete, I will definitely try to take your wicket. "

Like Kohli, Hasan is gaining a reputation for his fitness standards.His recent aptitude test made headlines at home when he scored a score of 19.8. in the yo-yo test, well above the benchmark of 17.4 that the management of the Pakistan team has established for the players to be eligible.

source:- espncricinfo.com

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