You have a target on your back being No. 1 – Jos Buttler

Of course, there is pressure when you are the No. 1 ODI team in the world. Of course, there is a widespread expectation of beating a Sri Lanka in some mess. But what about, asks Jos Buttler. After decades of waiting for the format to be removed, especially when playing in South Asia, it's good to go to a much more sophisticated series.

"I like to be a favorite, it shows that we have been doing good things," Buttler said on the eve of the first ODI in Dambulla. "In the past it has been difficult for English teams to come here, but we are full of confidence, we hope to adapt our game."

"There is always pressure to be No. 1. Once you arrive, I think it's when I work. Hard really begins. You have a little goal on your back. It's up to you to keep improving and try to stay there. That is the challenge and it has its own pressures. I think that in the dressing room we understand well what that is and who we are as a side, and we know that we must continue improving and overcoming the limits, and without putting limitations on what we are capable of doing. That should be good for us. Many of the guys enjoy the pressure in the locker room. "

So many of the major tremors that the English teams of yesteryear had, are simply not a concern for this ODI team, a relatively modest contingent of turns, for example, Worried In the former England captains, but not by much, Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid, England are almost certainly in a slower outfit than Sri Lanka, for whom Akila Dananjaya has performed consistently, but Lakshan Sandakan and Amila Aponso have been sporadic.

"In England, if you look at the two guys who have played well on a regular basis, it's usually the two that spin," Buttler said. "Adil takes many fields, Moeen is economical and Re a great strength. side for us, even in the conditions of home. Seam will also play an important role in the game. There may be few different roles for sealers and spinners, but the guys are excited about that. "

And the conditions may not be overly friendly with the turnaround During the South African series, Sri Lanka made the decision to play on good batting tracks at home, to better prepare for the challenge of next year's World Cup and the ODI series of New Zealand and South Africa on the horizon … Regardless of the conditions, England hopes to have enough knowledge in its squadron to

"Many of the squads have been part of the IPL and experienced that," Buttler said. "Not only because of the conditions, but also because of this part of the world and the chaos that comes with the IPL. things like the weather and not allow it to affect your performance and preparation. The boys have also traveled a little around the world. Hopefully, you will see that men's return on investment has been part of that competition. "


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